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Once you’ve scheduled your session, you’ll need to think about location.  Your home, backyard, a park, an urban city street, or a rural spot out in the country . I suggest a place you love and identify with. If your session is in your home think about the rooms in your house that receive the most light at the time of your scheduled session. In order to use the best available light, I might move furniture around to make create the best sceanario. If the session is outside, open shade is what we need. Although unfortunate, we often forgo shooting in awesome locations because they are in full sun.  If you have any (or many!) ideas for locations and posing during the session please share, as many times these make the most natural portraits. I am totally flexible, and open to suggestions!


School Portraiture
I have been blessed to have to opportunity to shoot private school portraits and find much joy in it. Watching the kids light up as their turn arrives, I revel in making each kid feel special. Contact me if your private school of under 100 children or homeschool group is in need of a photographer! I can also do in home school portraits for homeschoolers or a small group of homeschool families.