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As we go about our busy lives day by day, it is easy to let time pass without cherishing what your family is- RIGHT NOW. Some day you or your children  will look back at your family during this time, as imperfect or unfinished as it may be, and remember this time as the "good old days". Let's take a moment to capture the beautiful thing your family IS.

Once you’ve scheduled your session, you’ll need to think about locations.These can be anywhere in the extended Madison Wisconsin area.  Your home, backyard, a park, an urban city street, or a rural spot out in the country . I suggest a place you love and identify with.  One thing that needs to be remembered is that I’m a natural light photographer, so I need light. If your session is in your home think about the rooms in your house that receive the most light at the time of your scheduled session. In order to use the best available light, I might move furniture around to make create the best sceanario. If the session is outside, open shade is what we need. If you have any (or many!) ideas for locations and posing during the session please share, as many times these make the most natural portraits. I am totally flexible, and open to suggestions!

What to Wear
Here's an idea list to get your mind working: 

-Accessories, such as headbands, scarves, jewelry, jackets and hats can really add to your look
-Avoid all white or all black color combos
-Avoid matching outifts, but rather try to find outfits that compliment each other
-Avoid clothing with logos and busy patterns that will distract
-Avoid short skirts- these make posing very tricky!

-Color! Splashes of color really make your photos pop!
-Dress up shirts
-Cowboy boots
-Rain boots
-Striped or patterned stockings/tights
-Fun, flirty dresses
-Props – if you have fun props, such as antique family items or items with special meaning you’d like included, please feel free to bring them
-Babies 3 months to 1 year look absolutely adorable wearing just a diaper. Cloth dia

pers and covers can be a great and cute alternative to a disposable itself.  

For inspiration, visit my Pinterest board

If you need help, please bring along some options and I can help you choose what will work best together.


During Your Session

My goal is to capture your REAL family. That said, I strive to capture your natural expressions, lovely smiles, quiet and playful moods. Let your child explore his surroundings naturally and do not pressure him for a smile or pose. This helps take stress and nervousness away from children. I always encourage your creativity. I want you to make your photos, YOU! Please speak up if you want to try something creative!

After Your Session
A few days after your session, if I have gained your approval, I will post a few sneak peak images on my Facebook page (find that here). If you have Liked my page, I will be able to tag your images and you can then use the photos as your profile picture. I must ask that you do not crop the images in anyway. 
Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, I will come to your home for an ordering appointment and your online gallery will be available to view and share with friends.


Danielle Mae Photography reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in advertising, reproduction, and copyright.  All images are copyrighted by Danielle Mae Photography, even those you purchase.  Copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. Print-screening images from this website is also against the law.  All offenders will be prosecuted accordingly.  Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable.  Prices are guaranteed for 30 days after your session.  Due to the custom nature of photographic products, no refunds will be issued.  By hiring Danielle Mae Photography, you agree to these terms.


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